A tiny love story written at 17:15


John’s fat mother

John’s mother was convinced she had an influence on the weather. She had very bushy eyebrows that were linked in the middle and her backside

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I was feeling rather overwhelmed; this was before the word became trendier that OCD and everyone suffered from it. Sitting down on a step at the back of my new office, I was just about to light a cigarette when you walked out and sat down next to me. You were tall and skinny and very blond and had too much confidence for someone so young; I didn’t know you and by the looks of it, wasn’t likely to make an effort to change that. “Did you colour your eyebrows?” You asked.
“Yes.” I frowned, not a pleasant start to our first encounter but at least you had an eye for detail.
“Did you pluck it?” You pushed.
WTF? I thought to myself.
“No!” I snapped.
“Don’t lie, no one’s that perfect.” You kept on.
“Mine is,” I arched one, you just shrugged and handed me your lighter. You were so obnoxious and pushy, I loved that and you instantly and still do to this day. 

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash