A tiny love story written on a hard day.


John’s fat mother

John’s mother was convinced she had an influence on the weather. She had very bushy eyebrows that were linked in the middle and her backside

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I watch the two of you each day; she laughs at your jokes even when they’re lame as hell, he will be close by and ready to help with the simplest of chores. She will make sure there’s something interesting to discuss over lunch and he fills the afternoon coffee breaks with a new song he knows you’ll enjoy. You share tender smiles and kind words and assuring touches, and I’ve never heard a passive attack or cruel stab during an argument. Your actions are filled with respect and the underlying honesty of people truly in love with the best and worst parts of each other. 

The sad irony of what the two of you have makes watching you even harder. Life is cruel, even to those that seemed to have found what most failed to for. At the end of each perfect day, I watch the two of you get up and go home — each to another.