A tiny story about a gigantic disaster.


John’s fat mother

John’s mother was convinced she had an influence on the weather. She had very bushy eyebrows that were linked in the middle and her backside

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All around, matters were looking dire. Desperation spread and starvation became a despairingly real possibility. Someone had to do something. To avoid drama, I left without saying goodbye. Walking for days, finding nothing resembling food or even remotely edible. Hope was fading when I stumbled upon it: the yellow cave, filled top to bottom, a stranger’s food hoard. In times like these, we take care of our own and I have many mouths to feed. I was strong, I could carry a lot. So I stacked my back high, and I head home.

Returning to tearful hugs and cheers filled with relief; the sustenance arrived just in time. We sent a gathering party out to fetch more and we distributed my loot. We feasted together; I shared the news of the bountiful cave when it happened. One of my brothers was the first to die.

My attempt to rescue, I wiped out half my family, and the other half, on their way back with the Trojan harvest, will know no better. Kindness turned poison. A heroic gesture stained my hands with the blood of thousands of my kin.

I destroyed my colony, and all I wanted to do was help.