Tejkkit Uit!

Alles // Everything

A tiny story about a shut door.

The corridor was short and narrow with only one door on each side. The door on the left stood open, the one on the right


Fledermaus you’re in my houseFledermaus don’t bite my spouse You flop and flapYou scare my catYou know you’re just a flying rat The dog agreesYou’re

Insufficient Reason.

“I also know that we must go and work in the garden.” —Voltaire, Candide             John’s anticipation turns dull and dutiful as he pulls up to the

A tiny musical tale.

They keep me sane, the voices in my head, I won’t survive without them. Some sound angry, they have their reasons they say, some so

A tiny tale with a warning.

“Turn around, walk away.” Miko tapped me against the ear and I obliged with a sigh. Some called them angels, some called them demons, others


Die Saai Lewe II : DEEL 1 Ari was ‘n baba van agtien maande toe hy een middag sleg verbrand het in sy ma se

John’s fat mother

John’s mother was convinced she had an influence on the weather. She had very bushy eyebrows that were linked in the middle and her backside

A tiny story with a hefty price.

The half empty waiting room should have been his first sign.–The view in front of him, chased by influencers and travellers, is lost on him. The ocean

A Day In The Life of COVID

My alarm is set for 8am but my body does not allow me to sleep until then. I get up at 7.20am. It’s such a

Kremetarte kak af.

Met verskoning aan Jeanne Goosen My vrugte verryp tot swart?ek dink, of nee dis net Kremetartmajestueus grysbruin Jare lank so sterk en dik en wortels

Hoofstuk 9. Ralie se roudag

STORIE NEGE UIT PLATPLEK SE MENSE On the dot vyfuur, elke middag, sluit Marietjie die winkel en stuur vir Sara om sodawater by die drankwinkel

A tiny take on a potent addiction.

Lucky you, still so young and blushingly pretty, you don’t need it yet; you manage without it just fine. And it shows, your opinions, so

Vir Karen Kuhn – 14/4/2020

Ons is presies 13 976km van mekaar af maar jy is hier in my kombuis met jou LeCrueKuhn, die klein pannetjie waarin jy haloumi braai

A tiny but mysterious tale.

Eric, the town’s policeman, received the first sculpture thirteen days ago. Since then, he found a new one in his mailbox every day. The last

Hoofstuk 8. Die Sensusopname

STORIE AGT UIT PLATPLEK SE MENSE Omdat ons altyd arm was op die vlakte, het ons elke geleentheid aangegryp om êrens ‘n ekstra geldjie te

Ek’s jammer almal

Ek’s jammer almal Ek’t die ding geërf Wat anders kon ek doen? My pa’t gesê, Gewaarsku eintlik Hy sê, ‘jy kan die ding nie skiet

A tiny story about a gigantic disaster.

All around, matters were looking dire. Desperation spread and starvation became a despairingly real possibility. Someone had to do something. To avoid drama, I left without

A tiny but overly dramatic tale.

“It’s 22:00, pulling down the soft linen, I slide into bed. I reach for the bedside lamp. A click puts a wrap on the day.

A tiny story with an unhappy ending.

Sarah’s life would have an unhappy ending. Her narrative would end in tears, that’s just how it’s going to be. And from early on she

Céa Van Niekerk

Die Saai Lewe 1 : DEEL 1 Céa Van Niekerk se ma het later in haar lewe heeltemal beserk gegaan, en élke dag probeer om op

Hoofstuk 7. Die Doodstyding

STORIE SEWE UIT PLATPLEK SE MENSE Ek het my een oggend gewip vir my medemens, want vir dae lank was dit net doodstydings en lang

Hoofstuk 6. Marietjie se trans

STORIE SES UIT PLATPLEK SE MENSE Was ek darem eendag de hel in vir Marietjie toe ons daar in haar winkel sit en tee drink.